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 YouTube Made Easy.

Learn The Revolutionary Way to Grow a Profitable YouTube Channel Without Ads, Bots or Burning Out. 

Antoinette has been consulting business gurus the past 5 years in the YouTube space. She's helped grown channels that have acquired over 200k subscribers; many of which have 10x-ed company ROI (surpassing paid ad efforts).

Ready to learn how she did it?

Antoinette will take you by the hand to teach you the exact method she used so that you can achieve the same success on your channel-- and in your business. 

The MagniTube Method™ 

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The MagniTube Method™ is an 8-week online YouTube marketing course, you'll learn the seven pillar steps to growing a successful channel; one with impact, authority, and sales in mind. You'll gain access to video lessons, assignments, resources, and swipe files to help you navigate the course on your own terms and at your own pace.

And since we believe there is power in numbers, you'll also have access to a membership community portal where you'll get to ask questions and work alongside entrepreneurs navigating the same ropes.

Meet your Host
And instructor

Antoinette Angell

Antoinette is the strategist behind many successful YouTube channels all over the world. Her unique approach to leveraging the second largest search engine in the world made it possible for her clients to grow a global audience, make a profound impact, while scaling the growth of their business.

Having worked alongside countless YouTube personalities, Antoinette is sharing her proven methodology; one that she spent years pioneering, developing and testing.

Other Entrepreneurs Who Have Used the Method...

To Grow Their Channels 

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Hunter Galloway

Mortgage Broker

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Chelsea Gill

VP of Marketing

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Bob Lieber

Photo Organizers

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Julian Thorton

Digital Marketer


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How was the course created?

The MagniTube Method™ course was developed around on-going, specific problems that Antoinette's clients experienced while growing their channels. She spent years formulating and testing a process that would simplify the complexities of YouTube; all in an effort to help the average individual understand the platform better. 

    Q: Is this a slow-drip course?

This is a go-at-your-own-pace course so you will have full access to all modules, lessons, bonuses, and digital assets as soon as you purchase the course!

  Q: How will the lessons be conducted?

The course consists of a mix of talking-head videos, screen-share tutorials and presentations.  

 Q: Can I complete the course in 4 weeks?

We have many students that are fast learners and have the availability to finish the course in half the time. We always find that the quicker you put the curriculum into practice, the quicker you'll see traction on your YouTube channel.

Q: Is there a refund policy?

While we believe, whole heartedly, The MagniTube Method™ can provide you with a large amount of success, we also understand that this program is not designed for everyone and thats why we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. The caveat? You have to PROVE that you actually put in the work which requires the publication of multiple videos on your channel. This is an equal partnership meaning, if we do our job in teaching you the material, you have to do the homework.
If you can prove it (by 5pm EST on the 14th day of purchase) then we will grant you a refund. 

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